Release Notes

Release Notes

A quick list of new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

What’s New: July 13, 2020

New Features: Single Sign-On using SAML allows employees of an organization to use a single set of credentials to log on to a variety of different websites. You… More

What’s New: May 20, 2020

New Features: Project Folders help teams stay organized by making it easy to find relevant work – and ensure important documentation isn’t lost in the stream of workflow.Create… More

What’s New: February 18, 2020

New Features: Team & Roles let you manage your team over the long term, assigning and changing roles as new projects begin and others come to a close. More

What’s New: October 2, 2019

New Features: Our new Table offers a fully-visual editing experience, and replaces the old, syntax-based Grid stencil. Now, you can: Quickly select, resize, and reformat… More

What’s New: June 10, 2019

New Features: You can now both color and highlight any selection of text – individual characters, words, or whole paragraphs – directly from the Quick-Format Text toolbar, making it… More

What’s New: May 13, 2019

New Features A Welcome Screen now greets new users and offers the option of starting from a selection of templates or from a blank page.Charts: Our New Funnel chart… More

What’s New: March 18, 2019

New Features: Live Collaborator Cursors: We’ve made it even easier for your team to create and edit in real time by expanding Collaborator Presence to include both object selections… More

What’s New: February 19, 2019

New Features: Components: Create reusable elements that inherit the properties of an original object or group, and instantly apply comprehensive and consistent changes within projects. Save your team the… More

What’s New: December 20, 2018

New Features Gradients – both Linear and Radial – are now available for both Fill and Stroke colors.We’ve added UML diagram stencils to the Stencil… More