What’s New: October 22, 2018

What’s New: October 22, 2018

New Features


  • Snapping now prioritizes:
    • Distance snap over Object snap.
    • Snap to page’s Center/Edge over snap to Object.
  • You can now drag and resize a page ‘through’ an object ( i.e. when an object sits in front of the page-resize handles).
  • The Format Panel now displays the number of objects in a selection; this makes it easy to quickly check your selection before applying any style changes.
  • We’ve improved the performance of both the Image and Template Libraries.
  • The Dashboard is now faster when loading projects or switching teams.
  • Image uploads are quicker, both by drag & drop and by file.
  • When you use the Diagram Extenders to add new flowchart stencils to your diagram, the page automatically scrolls to the end of that flow.
  • Improved the behavior of Object Groups, both on the page, and in the Outline Panel.
  • The Grid stencil now has cell-padding options (in the Grid Style section of the Format Panel).
  • Google Web Fonts have been updated.

Bug Fixes

  • Previously, if you had an item selected in the Templates Library, and then clicked the ‘Create a new folder’ button, the selected item was accidentally nested within the newly created folder.
  • Diagram Connectors are now displayed correctly in both Template Thumbnails and Export to HTML.
  • Images dragged and dropped onto the page – from outside the app – are no longer automatically added to the Image Library; this helps you avoid unwanted clutter in the library.
  • Fixed several issues with the Smart Connect and Replace Stencil features.
  • Fixed a bug that canceled image uploads if the user used drag-&-drop, and then switched pages before the upload was complete.
  • Previously, if you expanded a folder (or a series of nested pages) in the Pages Panel, that action accidentally expanded all the folders and nested pages within that Page Tree.
  • Using Shift + Clicking on the Zoom Icon automatically zooms in or out to fit the page within the Editor (or Viewer) window; that zoom now also correctly centers the page.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Editor to get stuck in Read Mode if you exited Preview while using the grab cursor (hand) to pan the page.
  • Removed object highlights when using the touchpad zoom in Preview mode.

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