What’s New: February 18, 2020

What’s New: February 18, 2020

New Features:

  • Team & Roles let you manage your team over the long term, assigning and changing roles as new projects begin and others come to a close. You can now:
    • Assign roles (Admin, Manager, Member, Reviewer) and access for team members.
    • Choose between Contributor and Guest roles for outside collaborators.
  • Sharing & Permissions let you refine responsibilities over the arc of any project. You can now:
    • Create private projects 
    • Invite individual collaborators 
    • Adjust project permissions 
  • The Presence Bar displays a list of active project collaborators and lets you jump to where they’re working so you can edit in real time.
  • The Diagram Button dropdown now reveals a streamlined toolkit for quick drawing, mockups, and annotation. These tools – including a new pencil tool – come with speedy keyboard shortcuts and a dedicated styling section in the Format Panel.
  • With our extensions for Chrome and Firefox, you can enable the color eyedropper, capture screenshots to any team library, and jump right to Moqups with a single click!
  • For content writers, we’ve added a Character Counter to the Quick Format toolbar for text stencils. It displays the count for the entire stencil or a selection, and clicking on the counter switches between words and characters.
  • Global search helps you find text in objects via right-click or keyboard shortcut (CMD/CTRL+Shift+F). Toggle between finding text on the current page or within the entire project.
  • Most recently used Project Fonts now display at the top of the Font Family dropdown in the Text section of the Format Panel.
  • For Pages, we’ve added a ‘New project from selection’ option to the right-click Context and the ‘More actions’ menus.
  • Now, you can quickly update and replace any image on the page. Just drag a new image from the Image Library, and drop on an existing one when the ‘replace’ icon appears.


  • Tables:
    • To set rows or columns to equal sizes, just click the Distribute Cell Heights or Distribute Cell Widths buttons.
    • The Table stencil now includes an outside border customization option.
  • The checkbox and radio button stencils now adjust for font size and vertical alignment, and have an increased text indent.
  • The iPhone X stencil now accommodates custom scaling.
  • When selecting an object inside a group, the lock button for that object is disabled to prevent accidental locking.
  • The option to view-only from a can-edit link now correctly opens on the designated page.
  • The Format Panel’s coordinates pause while resizing flowchart stencils.
  • Google Fonts have been updated to include new…Fonts: Alata, Alatsi, Baskerville, Bebas Neue, Calistoga, Courier Prime, Gelasio, Girassol, Gupter, Ibarra Real Nova, Inria Serif, Jomolhari, Kulim Park, Odibee Sans, Public Sans, Solway, Sulphur Point, Tomorrow
  • Font Weights: Dancing Script, Faustina, Literata, Manuale, Maven Pro, Orbitron, Roboto Slab, Rosario, Yanone Kaffeesatz.

Bug Fixes:

  • Multiple fixes when copy and pasting components both within and between projects.
  • Tables:
    • Resizing a Table with the bottom handle no longer conflicts with the Edit Data button.
    • Zooming in Safari no longer alters cell formatting
  • Templates:
    • A project imported from our Templates page now autosaves as soon as a change is made to the page.
    • You can once again import UI templates from resources.moqups.com
  • Fixed a bug on text stencils that caused the auto-width to fail when jumping from object selection to editing.
  • Adjustment handles for Annotation stencils no longer disappear when zooming out in Safari.
  • Selecting an object in the upper-left corner of a page is now more consistent in Firefox.
  • Keyboard shortcut to embolden text is now consistent in Firefox and Chrome.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Contributors from using the ‘Save as’ option in projects.
  • Adding a comment while comments are filtered by Unread/Resolved no longer makes the page unresponsive.
  • Fixed the error message when users have too many failed attempts at logging in.

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