What’s New: August 16, 2018

What’s New: August 16, 2018

New Features:

  • Touchpad Zoom
    • Zoom in and out by using two fingers on the touchpad (or Cmd/Ctrl + Mouse-Wheel).
    • Zooming by using the keyboard or toolbar centers the zoom on an object (when selected).
  • Copy & Paste Project Pages
    • You can now copy a selection of pages and folders between projects – or even to a different location within the same project.
    • Select the pages and/or folders you wish to copy, and select ‘Copy pages’ from the right-click Context Menu; then, go to the destination project’s Pages Panel and select ‘Paste pages’ from the Context Menu.
    • To nest copied pages within an existing folder, click on that folder before you paste.
  • Redesigned Image Library
    • Images Library has a new flexibility that allows images to be added to both Project and Team categories.
    • Organize images in folders and nest them as needed.
    • Toggle between Grid View and Tree View options.
    • Perform bulk operations on images – including dragging and dropping multiple images onto a page.
    • Toolbar Menu includes new options: New Folder, New Folder from Selection, Rename, Delete, Download.
    • New Right-click Context Menu includes: New Folder from Selection, Rename, Delete, Download.
    • Select and download previously uploaded images or image-folders for easy collaboration – and to keep the entire team in sync.
    • To avoid unwanted clutter, images pasted from the OS clipboard are no longer automatically added to the Image Library.
    • Add to library option from Context Menu to add an image pasted from clipboard (applicable for an image that is not in the Images Library).
    • Templates library will adopt the same functionality and design in the coming weeks.
  • Enhanced Image Cropping
    • Selecting an image displays a popover-toolbar for Crop & Background Removal.
    • You can now quickly zoom with the slider, relocate the crop area, and apply the crop.
  • Remove Background Color from Images
    • Selecting an image displays a popover-toolbar for Crop & Background Removal.
    • Enter BG Removal mode by clicking on the Magic-Wand icon; then, click on the area of an image to remove a solid color, or click and drag to remove a color range.
    • To apply the changes, click outside the image or click done.
    • Reset returns the image to the original.
    • To keep an altered image in the Library, right-click and select ‘Add to library’ option from the Context Menu.
  • Collaborator Presence
    • To show you who is working and where – and avoid overlap when editing in real time – a colored border with the collaborator’s name now appears around the objects they have selected.
    • In the Sharing window, hovering over any user’s display name provides a link to ‘Go to Page’ or ‘Go to Selection’ where the collaborator is.


  • Updated Font Awesome icon library.
  • Flowchart stencils have better text editing and resizing behavior.
  • Selected objects are no longer duplicated while holding the Alt/Option + Arrow keys.

Bug Fixes:

  • ‘Export selection’ in the right-click Context Menu is now disabled for users who are not logged in.
  • Image Crop mode:
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Mouse pointer to remain stuck in image crop mode.
    • Previously, zooming with the keyboard shortcuts misaligned the existing cropping area.
    • Fixed bug that created a ghost image while cropping.
  • When dragging a Chart stencil from the library to the page, the preview is now properly displayed.
  • On tablets, the Canvas no longer moves when dragging a stencil onto the page.
  • Fixed problems with Offline Viewer’s Interactivity states.
  • Previously, new users couldn’t upgrade after signup if they didn’t alter their project.
  • When ‘Include hidden pages’ option is unchecked, export now properly excludes those pages.
  • Dragging a selection of images to the page now properly includes all images in that selection.
  • Fixed a bug that caused pasted images to appear very slowly on the page.

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