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Make numbers beautiful with our free online graph maker

Anyone in your team can visualize data and create a chart in just a few minutes.
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Work anywhere Create a graph online, collaborate live with your team, and save your work to the cloud.
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Customize Quickly Pick a template to match your needs. Then use our easy graph generator to add data, colors and branding.
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Add your data set

Enter data into our fully editable table, or paste information directly from a CSV.

Customize and style

Tailor your graph to match your brand and audience by adding legends or grids, picking colors and fonts, adjusting the padding and more.

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Present and collaborate in real time, get feedback right on the page, invite and share privately, add to your dashboard, and export to PNG or PDF.
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Find the right chart and graph for your data

Bar Chart
Bar Chart Create a bar graph to track changes over time, identify best-to-worst performers, or rank values from largest to smallest.
Column Chart
Column Chart Make a column graph to display all kinds of business, financial, and logistical data, and represent negative values more effectively.
Line Chart
Line Chart Use a line graph to visualize progress over time or distance by connecting continuous data points with line segments.
Stacked Bar Chart
Stacked Bar Chart Build a stacked bar graph to create layers within your bars, and show how sub-groups contribute to each category's total.
Stacked Column Chart
Stacked Column Chart Use a stacked column graph to depict increasing values – like dates or income groups – while also including subgroups within your columns.
Area Chart
Area Chart Create an area graph to compare related groups within a category, and present part-to-whole relationships as they change over time.
Stacked Area Chart
Stacked Area Chart Create a stacked area graph to track parts of a whole over time, and to analyze trends like page visits by source, or revenue vs expenses.
Pie Chart & Donut Chart
Pie Chart & Donut Chart Use a pie or donut graph to show categories as slices and percentages – and make part-to-whole relationships easy to grasp.
Funnel Chart
Funnel Chart Make a funnel chart to analyze the progressive stages of a process or procedure to identify problems and remove bottlenecks.
And experiment freely With a click, you can explore a variety of beautiful data visualizations to find just the right one for your audience and information!
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Maximize your data’s impact by adding your charts and graphs to dashboards, wireframes, prototypes, whiteboards, and diagrams – all within the same app!

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Hear from our customers

As both a product owner and a CEO with 75 employees, I use Moqups primarily for product design. But we’ve also used it for everything from org charts to laying out our office space. It’s incredibly intuitive, fast, and accessible everywhere. It’s literally my favorite tool.
Luke Freiler
Luke Freiler, CEO at Centercode
With Moqups, I can do flowcharts and wireframes and sitemaps all in one project, which is awesome for managing.
Dave Thackeray
Dave Thackeray, Content Strategist at Word and Mouth
Creating interactive wireframes for complex designs is key to our success in developing award-winning apps for our clients. Moqups' collaborative features help us communicate clearly at every stage of development – from inception to implementation.
James Lane
James Lane, US Customer Success Specialist at Nabler
What’s the software I spend the most time on? After communication tools, it’s definitely Moqups. It’s by far the best wireframing solution I have ever used. Such a pleasure designing our products at eFounders in a product that itself is elegant and intuitive.
Thibaud Elziere
Thibaud Elziere, CEO of eFounders and FolkHQ

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