What’s New: May 20, 2020

What’s New: May 20, 2020

New Features:

  • Project Folders help teams stay organized by making it easy to find relevant work – and ensure important documentation isn’t lost in the stream of workflow.
    • Create and nest both projects and folders from the Dashboard’s Projects Page.
  • Moqups Live Chat lets your team have essential conversations without ever leaving your project. Features include:
    • Persistent conversation history for quick catch-up
    • Show or hide from the Workspace dropdown
  • Our Sticky Container Stencil lets you organize the content of your diagrams, frameworks and boards into swimlanes and logically-related groups:
    • Once grouped, the diagram shapes move together, and their connectors remain attached.
    • You can turn stickiness on and off, and change the container orientation
  • Enter Group on Click lets you quickly click through to objects in groups:
    • Cmd/Ctrl + Click selects a grouped object immediately
    • Enabling ‘Enter group on click’ in the Format Panel makes all elements within a group selectable with a click.
  • The Insert Template button, right above the Stencils tab at the top of the left sidebar, lets you:
    • Browse our wide variety of categorized, pre-made templates
    • Insert single or multi-page templates directly into your project
  • New Devices category in the Stencils Library includes desktop, phone, tablet and Apple watch frames.


  • Font Dropdown improvements in the Format Panel:
    • With the dropdown closed, the up/down arrow keys let you cycle through the font list and see the font changes simultaneously.
    • With the dropdown open, the arrow keys cycle through the list, but the object’s font doesn’t change until you hit Enter/Return.
    • Alt/Option + Up/Down Arrow keys let you jump right to the top or bottom of the font list.
    • When you select a text object on the page that contains a single font, the font list automatically scrolls to display that font.
  • New Keyboard Shortcuts:
    • A variety of Zoom options
    • Ctrl/Cmd when dragging from the Image Library creates a new page for that asset.
  • Quick Draw toolkit:
    • Selecting the Hotspot tool automatically opens the Interactions panel.
    • When you select the Text tool, you can now just click and type.
    • Text objects added from the toolkit now display Fill & Stroke options in the Format Panel
  • Chart & Graph stencils now let you adjust stroke width for both grid and axis.
  • The new Refresh button in both the Images and Templates libraries refreshes the library, when collaborating, without page reload.
  • Template categories are now displayed on the New From Template, Insert Template, and Welcome screens.
  • On Free accounts, the Share With Others window now has an Invite Team Members button.
  • The Support button in the lower-left corner of the Editor now has a ‘Chat with us’ option.
  • The initial sign-up and onboarding flow now includes an opportunity to invite team members.
  • Flowchart Diagrams stencils now have color-presets to help distinguish related elements.

Bug Fixes:

  • Various fixes on text editing.
  • The Fill Color in the Format Panel now correctly displays a ‘?’ when selecting a group of objects with varying colors.
  • Non-editable stencils like the Banner and Spec Tools now properly display Font Family, Weight and Color in the Format Panel.

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