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What is a wireframe and how will our templates help you?

UX wireframes represent the basic layout of any webpage and focus solely on the size, placement, and relationship of key interface elements. Wireframes help your team make important decisions – early in the game – about user flow, information hierarchy, and page density. An effective wireframe template uses simple shapes and ‘lorem ipsum’ text as lo-fi placeholders for future design elements. That way – long before you consider the details of branding – you can experiment freely, customize the template, build consensus, and uncover key requirements.

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Wireframes vs Mockups

Whereas wireframes act as the blueprint for future web designs, an effective product mockup builds on that rough sketch in order to visualize more detailed content and demonstrate basic functionalities.

UI Mockup templates can help your team get vital feedback during the early stages of design – and pave the way for fully interactive prototypes and design testing.

Customize one of our ready-made templates, to quickly create a hi-fi snapshot of your future app or website. That way, your team can demonstrate its look, feel, and emotional impact – and get buy-in from important stakeholders before the final design is launched.

More about Our Mockups and Wireframe Templates

In practice, most projects blur the boundaries between wireframes and mockups – and most teams move freely back and forth as projects develop.

Sometimes it can be inspiring to begin with a polished iPhone or website mockup – and then jump back to wireframing in order to work out the details. Sometimes it’s better to work out the nitty-gritty – starting from a template and wireframing the raw elements of the UI first – before applying the full design elements.

And sometimes, it helps to turn an early wireframe into a lo-fi prototype, just to get an early sense of the user experience.

Long gone are the days when you worry about how to make a mockup from scratch. Our mockups and wireframe creator offers ready-to-use templates that can help kick-start and support your projects at any stage.

Customize our templates for Wireframes and Mockups

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