Our online course landing page template has everything you need to establish an online presence for your program, reach your target audience, and capture valuable leads. Create a stunning web page for your course by quickly adding your own information to our template’s strategic placeholders and blocks of content.

Discover our online course landing page template

You already have a great program, but to maximize its potential, you need to connect with the audience that needs it most. Our online course landing page can help you reach that core market, pique their interest, enroll participants, and generate future leads.

We’ve structured our wireframe template so you can rearrange its elements to suit the needs of your course. Use the designated sections to provide an overview of your program and its ideal cohort. The template’s comprehensive design also provides placeholders for curriculum details, instructor bios, sign-up fields, calls to action, and even recommendations from former participants.

Why use our online course landing page template?

Use our template to jump-start your design process. With a draft layout based on industry best practices, our online course landing page wireframe template makes it easy to build an effective and professional platform for your program.

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