Website Wireframe Examples: 4 Templates to Kickstart Your Next Project

Website Wireframe Examples: 4 Templates to Kickstart Your Next Project

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Wireframes are vital tools used mostly by designers to build new websites or landing pages. They provide the overall layout of a page while focusing on the relationships developed between the various interface elements. We’ve compiled a list of four website wireframe examples that are guaranteed to help you kickstart any upcoming projects successfully.

1. Ecommerce Website Wireframe Template

Moqups brings you a bundle of wireframe templates you can use to build an online e-commerce shop from scratch. You’ll be able to find a wireframe template for every basic page on your website and use it to create pages that attract visitors and bring in conversions. 

product page wireframe template
Example of a product page wireframe template

We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to set up your online e-commerce store, which is why our e-commerce website wireframe template bundle can be used to create the following page types: 

  • Homepage
  • Product pages
  • Shopping cart
  • Shipping details
  • Payment methods

You can edit and adapt these wireframes to meet your needs in a matter of minutes. Once you’ve created your free account with Moqups, you’ll be able to set up the very first draft of your online store.

2. Pricing Page Wireframe Template

This is yet another one of our website wireframe examples. It is an essential tool for B2B companies to use when creating pricing pages, as it displays a comprehensive overview of product features in comparison to the overall cost. 

pricing page wireframe template
Pricing page wireframe template

A robust pricing page features user-friendly content. The information it presents should not only be easy to understand, but it should also be transparent, detailed, and easy to read. With this in mind, our pricing page wireframe template integrates three main sections that will help you reach conversion goals faster: 

  • Standard pricing plans
  • Detailed feature comparison for every pricing plan
  • FAQ section 

Some users might know what they’re looking for, while others might feel a bit lost – this is why it’s always best to be prepared when it comes to pricing information. If you’re dealing with the latter scenario, our template can help you offer accurate and transparent information. Organize data into carefully curated sections and provide users with the opportunity to reach out – this is the key to establishing long-lasting relationships and building trust. 

3. Landing Page Wireframe Template

You can use this template to craft landing pages that will attract and engage new users, boost conversion rates, and ensure the success of your campaigns. This is a generic landing page wireframe template, which means that you can use it in multiple instances. Edit it as you wish to ensure that, in the end, it matches your needs and helps you achieve your goals.

landing page wireframe template
Landing page wireframe template

Moqups offers two layout options for your next landing page. You can choose to build a page using an authentic hero image, or you can make things more exciting and add in a video that describes your product or service and instantly captures your visitors’ attention. Your new landing page will be ready in a matter of minutes, plus you’ll be able to share your work with other collaborators and receive feedback right away!

4. Blog Page Wireframe Template

Are you thinking about starting a blog? If the answer is yes, then you should start building your website right away. Remember that while every page type needs special care and attention, the homepage will be the one to take up most of your time and resources. All this may sound discouraging at first, but with our blog page wireframe template, the last one of the website wireframe examples discussed here, the task of setting up a blog can be significantly simplified.

blog page wireframe template
Blog page wireframe template

Our ready-to-use template can be easily edited and adapted to fit your blog’s purpose and requirements. Not only you won’t have to start designing your blog’s homepage from scratch, but you’ll work with a robust structure that will highlight topics of interest helping you to gain and retain new users on a daily basis.

Although these are only a few examples, we offer our users a much wider variety of wireframe templates. Head to our collection of wireframe templates and discover more wireframes that you can easily integrate into your upcoming projects for free.

inspiration Templates wireframe Wireframing

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