Visualize and analyze any kind of process with Funnel Charts

Funnel charts can be used to visualize and analyze the progressive stages of any process or procedure. The funnel chart’s slices represent the winnowing and reduction of data as it passes from one stage to another. Each slice represents part of the whole, and its height reflects its data value.

Like the Pie chart, the Funnel chart doesn’t use any axes. So, although it is used to illustrate the steps in a process, it isn’t used to display linear, time-based data.

Funnel Charts can help identify bottlenecks and problems in a process, and are great for visualizing website conversions, sales pipelines, purchasing funnels, customer retention, order fulfillment, employee and volunteer recruitment, and PPC promotional campaigns

Select from our funnel chart templates. Then, add your own data and customize their look to fit your team’s requirements:

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