Communicate your data clearly and professionally with Column Charts

Column charts, sometimes called column graphs, are used to present all kinds of business, financial, and logistical data: revenue per landing page; warehouse inventory levels; change in market share; top vs worst performers; or sales by year, quarter and region. Like Bar Charts, column charts have both Grouped and Stacked variants.

Column Charts display their values vertically. That takes advantage of our instinctive sense of height – and makes them a natural choice for negative values represented in a downward direction.

Categories are arranged horizontally, which is great for representing locations from west to east, values ranked from smallest to largest, and sequential progressions of ordinal data from left to right – like times, dates, or income groups. But, because of the limited room for labeling along the x-axis, column charts are best suited to a maximum of 10-12 categories.

Select from our column chart templates. Then, add your own data and customize their look to fit your team’s requirements:

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