Use our free trial landing page template to create web pages that help prospective clients familiarize themselves with your product before they purchase.

Discover our free trial landing page template

Customers evaluate a range of competing solutions before they buy. A free trial offers them a no-cost way to test your product’s features and consider its benefits. Once they sign up for the trial, you can use the subsequent onboarding process to answer their questions, relieve their doubts, and deepen their understanding of your product. Launching a free trial landing page is the first step in creating that relationship.

The structure of our wireframe template incorporates current best-practices for free-trial pages. To create a stunning, professional design, just add your content and branding. Our placeholders include strategically sequenced headlines, sign-up fields, and calls-to-action. We’ve provided sections where you can describe your product’s key features, add a video, and display your pricing plans – so new leads know exactly what to expect when they buy!

Why use our free trial landing page template?

Our free trial landing page wireframe template can save your company’s valuable resources – and boost both leads and sales – by dramatically shortening your design and launch time.

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