Use the mad sad glad retrospective template to check on your team’s emotional wellbeing. Allow your team members to analyze the positive and negative emotions they may have experienced during past projects. The mad sad glad template will allow you to build a positive team dynamic that will improve communication and increase productivity in the long run.

What is the mad sad glad retrospective?

The mad sad glad retrospective switches the conversation to the emotional responses developed by team members during a sprint. By focusing on emotions, team leaders can seize new opportunities for improving the emotional wellbeing of their team and increase job satisfaction rates.

Participants will be asked to answer three basic questions:

  1. What made you feel annoyed, frustrated, or mad during the last sprint?
  2. What made you sad during our last sprint?
  3. What made you feel happy about the previous sprint?

By helping team members to focus on their emotions, they will be able to analyze any issues and opportunities they may have encountered. This will result in a positive working environment with a direct impact on productivity.

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Using the mad sad glad retrospective template with Moqups

  • Log into your Moqups account and share this template with your team members
  • Ask the members of your team to brainstorm ideas on what made them mad, sad or glad during the last sprint
  • List all the ideas in the corresponding mad, sad and glad boxes
  • Group similar ideas
  • Ask team members to vote on the top three topics they would like to be addressed during this session
  • Start a conversation around those three topics of interest - if the time allows it, you can run through other ideas
  • Review this discussion and create actionable steps due until the next retrospective
  • Share the final form of the mad sad glad template with your team members so they can refer back to it anytime

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