The 4Ls retrospective template is a simple technique that helps team leaders check in with your team. Find out what your team members like about their projects, what they are learning, and what are the areas they would like to work on more.

What is the 4Ls retrospective?

The 4Ls retrospective is a popular technique used among teams from all over the world. Its primary goals are to evaluate progress and to identify improvement strategies for teams when working on upcoming projects.

The 4Ls retrospective template highlights four essential areas:

  1. Liked - What did your team like about their last project?
  2. Learned - What did your team learn during this last project?
  3. Lacked - What did your team require as the project unraveled?
  4. Longed for - What does the team long for?
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Why should teams use the 4Ls retrospective template?

The 4Ls retrospective is a simple technique that lets you check in on how your team is doing. Setting it up is effortless because this type of retrospective does not require any special preparation or sophisticated tools.

Since this template addresses questions on a more personal level, it helps team leaders to get a feel for their team members’ attitudes and personal motivators. This way, any issues that may be affecting communication or performance can be solved swiftly.

Consequently, all team members will be brought up to speed with the latest developments so that they can reach a consensus much easier.

Who should use the 4Ls retrospective?

Due to its simplicity, the 4Ls retrospective template can be used by a multitude of teams in any field. Although its popularity in software development has been on the rise for quite a few years, its usage can be extended to:

  • Performance reviewers
  • Project managers and team leaders
  • Training or events reviewers

How to use 4Ls retrospective template in Moqups

  • Log into your Moqups account and invite your team
  • Address the four questions to each team member and write down their answers in the designated boxes of your template
  • If there are similar answers in a category, make sure your group them
  • Ask your team members to cast their votes on the ideas they consider to have the highest potential for improvement and should be actioned immediately
  • Share the final result of the voting round
  • Start an immediate action plan on what areas need improvement right away
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