Streamline meetings by integrating this free meeting agenda template into your planning process. This template features an easy-to-follow format that allows participants and presenters to track topics of interest and to add notes without losing focus. You can also print it and share physical copies with your team, or you can keep everything online and invite your team to join this project.

What does the meeting agenda template consist of?

You’re probably familiar with this basic idea, especially if your team already uses meeting management software like Fellow, or you’ve used one of their meeting agenda templates.

However, if you want to build efficient agendas from directly within the Moqups app, our own template includes the essential elements for any upcoming meeting. Here are some of the vital components you shouldn’t miss out on:

  • Organizer’s name
  • Participants’ names
  • Meeting type
  • Location
  • Date
  • Topics up for discussion
  • Actionable steps
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Why should you use an agenda template for your meeting?

Going into a meeting without a plan is a recipe for disaster. The conversation will most likely go into multiple directions, people will lose focus and, as a result, precious time will end up being wasted discussing irrelevant topics.

Here is why this free meeting agenda template can save you a lot of trouble:

  1. Minimizes wasted time and resources. Knowing what will be discussed and when offers clarity to all participants.
  2. Fosters participation. Being aware of the topics that are going to be addressed makes people more likely to participate actively. Make sure you set some time aside to answer their questions.
  3. Keeps things on track. Due to the structure of this template, any unrelated issues can be held at bay.
  4. Ensures coverage of essential matters. When pressing issues are outlined clearly, it becomes easy to track them and cross them off your list.
  5. It helps other speakers prepare. Once again, knowing the main topics of discussion will allow other speakers to prepare their presentations.

How to use the free meeting agenda template with Moqups

Once you’ve filled in admin details such as names, dates, or locations, it’s time to outline the primary objectives of this meeting. What do you want to achieve? Use the space located at the start of the template to make a list of clear goals and expectations that will be shared with all participants.

Continue by adding the main topics that are up for discussion. Sometimes these may be too broad, so it’s always a good idea to break each issue into smaller bits. What are the exact subjects that you would like to discuss?

Finish editing our free meeting agenda template by adding a list of actionable steps to the corresponding field. What are the exact actionable steps to be implemented when this meeting is over?

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