Use our Gantt chart template to plan and schedule any upcoming projects. This template should be used primarily by company members holding a strategic position. Read on to discover how you can maximize its benefits and use it to its full potential.

Learn more about our Gantt chart template

Gantt charts are visual representations that indicate what needs to be done and when. They fall into the bar chart category, as they display actions against time. A bar chart will represent an activity, indicating the start and end dates, as well as its duration.

Our template incorporates useful components that are specific to Gantt charts in general. At the top, you’ll find dates that are displayed using months and weeks. On the left side, placed in a column format, you’ll see fields designated for phases. Below each phase, you’ll be able to group your tasks by category.

Every task is represented by a bar chart, and you’ll quickly see its duration, as well as the start and end dates. Following the same format, you can set a timeline for each phase by determining its desired duration and by including start and end dates.

Why use our Gantt chart template?

Our Gantt chart template makes it easier for you to plan work and meet deadlines. When all team members have their tasks aligned and can see the bigger picture, it becomes easier to reach goals because you can closely monitor progress over time.

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