Use the network diagram template to showcase the network systems’ architecture. This template will help you understand the role that each component holds in a network, as well as the relationships developed between the various elements. With a format that allows for a quick understanding, our template can be used by beginners and experts alike.

What is the network diagram template?

The network diagram template helps teams to visualize the structure of a network by displaying all its components and the relationships between them along with a set of standardized symbols. This visual display is key to helping users understand how these elements are connected and how the links developed between them look.

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When should you use a network diagram template?

Through its ability to show how network components interact with each other, the network diagram template serves multiple purposes. Here are some critical instances in which this template can be a life-saver:

  • Building the architecture of a network
  • Updating an existing network
  • Reporting and managing technical issues in a network
  • Creating proposals related to high-level infrastructure changes
  • Pitching a network proposal to various stakeholders
  • Monitoring and tracking all network components
  • Sharing relevant information with a 3rd party company without revealing confidential or sensitive data

Creating a network diagram with Moqups

Start this diagramming process with a clear goal. Also, rather than stuffing all the information at once in one diagram, split your work into smaller chunks. Once these steps have been completed, here is what you need to do next:

  • Select any relevant equipment - Make an accurate list of all the components in your network - from devices to servers or firewalls and any other elements you consider to be relevant for your network
  • Group similar shapes - You can choose to organize your diagram by moving the items with similar forms in close vicinity
  • Add connections - Draw a line between two shapes to indicate that the two components are connected
  • Add labels - Make sure to include any additional information that may be relevant for your audience either right next to an element or in the form of a legend
  • Polish the format - Add colors, adjust the size or the placement of each component as you see fit before completing your network diagram template
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