Our user persona template is a valuable tool designed to help companies in their user research process. Worldwide teams can use it to draft and polish user profiles that are representative of their business. This template comes with a robust framework that can be easily adjusted to fit business needs, regardless of their level of complexity.

What is a user persona?

User personas are fictional characters identifiable through a thorough user research process with the end goal of defining the user types that will use a business’s products or services.

Creating a user persona is a vital step in defining the audience that your business will target. The user persona represents a company’s ideal customer, one that comes with demographic data, goals, behavior, struggles, personal interests, and motivations.

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How to utilize the user persona template?

To ensure you get the most out of this template, here are the main steps that need to be taken into consideration:

  • Add a name and a photo to your user persona
  • Add a brief description on who the person is and what is it that they do
  • Put together a list of their top skills based on the level of advancement
  • Use the designated boxes to add in lists that encapsulate the user persona’s personality traits, goals, motivations, frustrations or interests
  • Use the boxes located at the bottom of the template to answer questions such as: ‘Why should this person use this product’ or ‘Why should this person buy this product?’

Benefits of working with the user persona template in Moqups

Moqups is an online collaboration platform that offers a wide variety of templates you can integrate into your daily work. Our user persona template is a fundamental element that can be used by emerging businesses or those looking to explore new directions.

The real-time collaboration system Moqups provides lets users work on building persona profiles at the same as their team members, eliminating the need for project participants to be in the same physical space.

What’s more, our customers can also add other elements that will improve online communication with their teams. Callouts, annotations, sticky notes, or the ability to add comments will have a positive impact on the workflow and will contribute to the successful completion of this project.

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