Our storyboard template helps you construct creative stories that are enjoyable and manage to convey messages efficiently. This template can be used in various industries - from business or education to entertainment or publishing. Use our drawing tool feature and start crafting your story now.

What is a storyboard?

Storyboards are powerful tools that use visual representations to communicate a narrative. In essence, storyboards are sets of sequential drawings that tell stories. Dividing a story into manageable bits will help its creator to focus on each sequence entirely, and ultimately craft a compelling storyline.

What are the benefits of a storyboard?

While creating storyboards may feel like an additional and unnecessary step in starting a new process, it’s a step that should not be overlooked. Here are the main reasons why you need a storyboard regardless of the industry you’re in:

  • It communicates messages efficiently - a storyboard will use images to get your message across to the target audience, making it easier to share your vision.
  • It sets up a plan for production - storyboards will include all the steps needed to achieve a goal, as well as their order, which streamlines the production process.
  • It saves time - being able to communicate efficiently and understanding the production process will save valuable time and allow you and your team to maintain focus.
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How do you create a storyboard template?

Our storyboard template comes with an established structure that you can use as it is, or you can adjust it to match your requirements. Since it already integrates a set of blank slides, you can use the space below each picture to start writing your script. Once the text is in, use our drawing tool to create every picture.

Using the storyboard template in Moqups

Our editable storyboard template can easily be adjusted to suit your needs. By using the drawing tool feature that Moqups provides, you will be able to create stories that engage your audience and get your message across. If needed, you can also print a blank version of our template and use it later on for manual sketching.

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