Coordinate team meetings successfully with this daily stand-up meeting template that was built to help you run agile meetings efficiently. Our template is designed to provide a detailed task overview and to help teams identify road blockers. This way, all team members will stay on the same page and will focus on working through their tasks.

What is the daily stand-up meeting template?

The daily stand-up meeting template is an essential tool that will help team leaders to organize and coordinate regular agile scrum meetings. A stand-up meeting is a great way to understand what other team members are working on and what obstacles might be interfering with their progress.

If you’re wondering what to say in a stand-up meeting, here the three questions you’ll have to answer:

  1. What did you accomplish yesterday?
  2. What are you working on today?
  3. Is there anything stopping you from completing your tasks?
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Why should you run daily stand-up meetings?

Although brief, these meetings are also efficient and can bring in many benefits such as:

  • Aligning everyone’s goals for the day
  • Improving team communication and encouraging collaboration
  • Eliminating roadblocks that may interfere with projects
  • Sharing and retaining knowledge over time

The daily stand-up agenda meeting template with Moqups

  • Set up a daily reminder before the meeting. Send a calendar invite to all team members. It’s a small thing to do, but it minimizes the chances of people skipping it.
  • Prepare beforehand. Prepare the answers to those three questions beforehand to ensure the session will be brief and effective. Daily stand-up meetings should not last more than 15 minutes.
  • Answer the three questions. Use the boxes in our template to list the tasks you’ve previously worked on and the ones you are focusing on that day. Add in any limitations you might encounter along the way that would prevent you from fully completing work.
  • Team leaders should track these notes over time. Keeping a record of stand-up notes benefit teams in the long run, as they can reveal patterns that can be used for future improvements.
  • Create actionable steps. Once team members managed to identify the bottlenecks in their workflow, it becomes easier to set up a plan that will smooth things over. Start by assigning relevant stakeholders with the tasks that will unblock the workflow.
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