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Moqups makes it easy for remote teams to brainstorm, share ideas, and collaborate online in real-time.

Used by 2 000 000 people worldwide

Take your physical whiteboard online with our visual collaboration tool.

Team collaboration is simple and seamless with our fully interactive whiteboard.

Web Whiteboard
Work right from your web browser Our web whiteboard works where you do, and on any device. No download required!
Whiteboard Experience
Whiteboarding with all the tools A full whiteboard experience with sticky notes, freehand drawing, annotations, shapes, and more.
Real-time collaboration
Seamless real time collaboration Brainstorm, plan, ideate together, and follow along, with live cursors, chat & comments.

Create together.

Meet, teach, learn, present and share.

Set up your whiteboard with fast drag and drop Add sticky notes, images, annotations, icons and emojis – or just begin drawing. Make it easy for your team to capture their ideas during online meetings and feedback sessions.
Get everybody onboard your digital whiteboard Invite team members to brainstorm, strategize, track progress, and provide feedback. Moqups is easy and intuitive – so you can skip the learning curve and get all stakeholders involved.
Present by screen sharing on video conferencing Screen share from your favorite video conferencing apps like Zoom or Skype. Present with Preview, and view from a smartphone or iPad – and on Android or iOS.
Export PNG or PDF files or share project links online Add sticky notes, images, annotations, icons and emojis - or just begin drawing. Make it easy for your team to capture their ideas during online meetings and feedback sessions

A full-featured online whiteboard app

Leverage a complete set of tools to organize brainstorming sessions, share concepts, run virtual workshops, and manage agile workflows.

Whiteboard Templates
Hundreds of easy to customize templates Kick start projects with templates for mobile apps and web pages. Or use our prebuilt frameworks to organize, strategize, and analyze.
Infinite Canvas
A creative hub with boards or pages Work from an infinite canvas or organize your whiteboards into pages. Then, use nesting and folders to keep relevant work together.
Moqups Extension
Moqups Extension for quick screenshots For mood boards and research, our Moqups extension grabs web pages and selections. Or copy/paste images right onto the page.
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Make the shift to online classes

Moqups is free for classrooms, and is already used for distance learning by thousands of teachers and professors around the globe. Establish departmental goals, design lesson plans, and guide students through their research, group work, project creation, and presentation.
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Do more on your whiteboard

Whiteboarding doesn’t happen in a silo. With Moqups, your team can also diagram, wireframe, visualize data, create dashboards, and build prototypes – all within the same app!

Collaborate creatively

Work out ideas, solve problems, and come to a quick consensus. Use our collaborative virtual whiteboard tool to share, communicate, and coordinate – at every level – by connecting with Google Drive and Slack.
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Hear from our customers

As both a product owner and a CEO with 75 employees, I use Moqups primarily for product design. But we’ve also used it for everything from org charts to laying out our office space. It’s incredibly intuitive, fast, and accessible everywhere. It’s literally my favorite tool.
Luke Freiler
Luke Freiler, CEO at Centercode
With Moqups, I can do flowcharts and wireframes and sitemaps all in one project, which is awesome for managing.
Dave Thackeray
Dave Thackeray, Content Strategist at Word and Mouth
Creating interactive wireframes for complex designs is key to our success in developing award-winning apps for our clients. Moqups' collaborative features help us communicate clearly at every stage of development – from inception to implementation.
James Lane
James Lane, US Customer Success Specialist at Nabler
What’s the software I spend the most time on? After communication tools, it’s definitely Moqups. It’s by far the best wireframing solution I have ever used. Such a pleasure designing our products at eFounders in a product that itself is elegant and intuitive.
Thibaud Elziere
Thibaud Elziere, CEO of eFounders and FolkHQ

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