Moqups for Teams — and more

At Moqups, we know collaboration is kind of a big thing. So we’re excited to announce a fresh feature that allows groups to work better and get more value from paid subscriptions.

How will Teams help me us rock?

Share everything. You’re already sharing an office, why not share your mockups?

Save money. The same paid subscription serves an unlimited number of seats.

Simplify your billing. You only have to manage a single subscription.

Your own little corner of the world. With all the team’s projects in the same place, finding the one you need is a breeze.


If that sounds super-great, head over to Account Settings > Team Members and add your mates. Learn more

In other news

More transparency. Some people have complained that we’re too *cough* opaque in our development process. No more: we’ve introduced transparency controls for all colors. Bam! We put the alpha in alpha-designer. [Pun-eurysm alert, n.ed.]


Supercharged images. Choose files is passé. Just drag & drop images from your computer directly on your page, or even paste images from the clipboard. We make sure everything runs smoothly under the hood. Learn more

Copy/paste acrobatics. You can now copy/paste stencils between pages, projects, tabs, browsers and the space-time continuum.

Redesigned screens. My Projects is more straightforward and lets you search & filter to your heart’s content. Account Settings keeps everything about your account in one place.

Need help? Have some feedback?

Drop us a line at support at We love to hear from you!

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