November News: Atlassian Cloud Integrations & Unlimited Project Plans

November News: Atlassian Cloud Integrations & Unlimited Project Plans

Earlier this year, we launched our first ever behind-the-firewall solution in order to make Moqups accessible to professionals who use Jira and Confluence Server.

And, for teams without firewall restrictions, who wanted access to the full spectrum of Moqups functionality – including Team and Project management – we promised to follow up with a cloud-based solution.

Today, we are proud to announce that Moqups for Jira Cloud and Moqups for Confluence Cloud are now available in the Atlassian Marketplace – right alongside our server versions.

Moqups Vendor Page in the Atlassian Marketplace

These new apps integrate seamlessly with your current Moqups account and provide full Moqups capability.

Once your Atlassian administrator has installed and configured the app, all you have to do is log in with your existing Moqups username and password, or sign in with either Google or Slack.

Manage add-ons section in your Confluence Cloud (for your instance Administrator)
Moqups Admin and Configuration Panel for Confluence Cloud
Login and Connect pop-up modal (for both instance users and admins)

Then, you can browse through your existing Moqups projects, and embed them right into both Jira issues and Confluence pages. Or, you can quickly create new projects directly from those same issues and pages.

Adding Moqups Projects to Jira issues
Adding Moqups Projects to Confluence pages
Adding Moqups Projects to Confluence pages with ‘Insert macro’ button
Browsing for Moqups Projects inside Jira or Confluence

These powerful new integrations are designed to provide flexibility, creativity and collaboration for all kinds of design and product management jobs.

Your team can create quick, issue-specific projects to convey context and communicate requirements; or build large-scale, multi-user projects with dozens – even hundreds – of pages.

And, as your project evolves, your team can duplicate existing projects, create multiple iterations, or break a single, large project into small, task-sized versions.

Most importantly, because the same project can now be shared between both Jira and Confluence Cloud, different departments can work within their own creative context, and yet still distribute that work in multiple environments.

For example, a business analyst and a system architect can brainstorm together on a flow diagram. Once they’re done, they can attach it to a Confluence page as part of a project’s wiki and documentation space. Then, they can embed that same diagram in a Jira issue, in order to specify requirements and provide clarity for the engineering team.

Moqups Project embedded in a Confluence page

And, no matter where your team members create, embed, or edit their Moqups projects, the data automatically syncs between your Atlassian and Moqups accounts – eliminating back-and-forth, and providing an up-to-date, reliable source of truth.

Our new pricing model: Unlimited projects for your entire team

We have more great news to share with you. Along with our new integrations, we’re also introducing new paid plans that offer unlimited projects and image storage – with a full range of per-seat options designed to match the size of your team.

The same goals that led the development of our new Atlassian Cloud apps – removing barriers to free up creativity – also drove the design of our new pricing model.

Our old model offered unlimited seats but, depending on the plan, imposed quotas on both the number of projects that teams could create, and the amount of image storage available.

But, after careful consideration, research, and lots of user feedback, we discovered that many teams felt that the project quota stood in the way of their creativity – and preferred a per-seat model that offered unlimited projects and storage.

When teams are on a roll, generating new ideas and capturing them before they’re lost… or working to a deadline, tweaking designs, clarifying context, or providing last-minute feedback… the last thing they want to worry about is a project quota.

And, when they do worry, they inevitably compromise their workflow. Every time a team hesitates before creating something inspired – just to remain beneath the project limit – they lose both spirit and momentum.

And so, we went back to the drawing board, rethought our pricing model from the ground up, and designed new plans that let your team create, iterate and repurpose projects freely.

Now, all our new paid plans come with unlimited projects and storage. To find a Personal or Creative Team plan that suits your needs, please check out our Pricing Page.

If you’re currently subscribed to one of our older plans, rest assured that you can remain on that plan until the end of your subscription period; when you renew, you can choose to reactivate your old plan, or select one of our new ones. If you have any questions, just drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help.

And please let us know what you think about our new integrations and, as always, feel free to suggest new features and functionality. Your feedback really has an impact on our team, and genuinely drives our product development. So, keep those cards and letters coming!


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