Moqups for Confluence and Jira Server apps now available in the Atlassian Marketplace

Moqups for Confluence and Jira Server apps now available in the Atlassian Marketplace

This year, we’re teaming up with Atlassian® to bring the power of Moqups to the Atlassian Marketplace.  

We’ve just launched two new apps, specifically designed for teams with behind-the-firewall requirements: Moqups for Confluence Server® and Moqups for Jira Server®.

Now, Atlassian customers can use Moqups to create in-place diagrams, wireframes, and prototypes – all within the security of the Atlassian ecosystem.


We are expanding our presence in the Atlassian Marketplace because we believe Moqups and Atlassian share a common goal: helping all kinds of teams enhance the flexibility, freedom and agility of their development process – from concept to launch.

Within a single Moqups app, Jira and Confluence Server teams can now design with wireframes, mockups, and interactive prototypes – and diagram with flowcharts, UI workflows, UX storyboards, sitemaps, mind maps, and org charts.

By providing an all-in-one visualization tool, Moqups bridges the communication gap between designers, developers, and project managers. When different departments use different tools, they can inadvertently create barriers to communication – and isolate their teams within silos. Moqups removes that disconnect by keeping all stakeholders on the same page.

Together, Atlassian and Moqups give design and dev teams a shared visual language to make context and requirements crystal clear.

Bryant Lee, Head of Partnerships and Integrations at Atlassian

Agile teams require transparent, accessible information, as well as the ability to create, edit, comment, and collaborate seamlessly. Moqups’ fast learning curve and intuitive UI empower team members to contribute freely, despite their diverse competencies and qualifications. This ensures that every voice gets heard – and no vital insight falls between the cracks.

In an agile context, where specifications can change with every iteration, Moqups helps team members communicate their requirements quickly and clearly. In both Jira and Confluence Server instances, teams can give shape to ideas with the click of a button. And, since Moqups Projects are embedded right in Jira Server issues and Confluence Server pages, collaborators can easily respond with feedback right on the design.

Moqups in Jira

The Atlassian ecosystem unleashes the potential of teams by providing them with flexible, customizable apps to extend the Atlassian suite. We think Moqups is a great fit for that ecosystem because we help teams unify and streamline their visual workflow within a single, creative context.

We’re thrilled by the release of Moqups for Confluence Server and Moqups for Jira Server, and our collaboration with Atlassian is just beginning! Teams that need the full spectrum of Moqups functionality – including Team and Project management – can expect two further additions to the Marketplace – Moqups for Confluence Cloud and Moqups for Jira Cloud – later this quarter.  


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