Moqups for Confluence Server and Moqups for Jira Server Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Overview

Moqups for Confluence Server and Moqups for Jira Server are products of SC Evercoder Software S.R.L.

This privacy policy describes how we treat your personal data, and the data produced by our apps, when you use Moqups for Confluence Server or Moqups for Jira Server, hereafter referred to as “the app”.

Data Storage and Communication

We created this integrated app for customers that want access to Moqups functionality but, because of privacy and security requirements, cannot use our Cloud-based service.

The app is specifically designed to protect your personal and corporate information by ensuring that the app collects no data, analytics or business intelligence. The app transmits no data, metadata, or documents from your server, nor from any client browser it runs on, to SC Evercoder Software S.R.L. nor to any third party.

Atlassian provides basic technical and billing contact information when the plugin is installed and a license is applied to the plugin. For more informations, please refer to the Atlassian Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Changes to Privacy Policy

SC Evercoder Software S.R.L. may make changes to this privacy policy by giving 30 days notice of the changes on the website, as well as other communication channels such as email, blogs, or official social media accounts.