Use the contact form template to streamline communication between your company and website visitors or customers. You can use this form on its own and embed it into your website, or you can also mix it with the contact us page template to create a landing page that fosters customer interaction with your company.

What does our contact form template bundle contain?

Moqups provides a wireframe bundle that consists of three templates, each displaying the contact form in three different phases. As such, immediately after commencing the editing process, you will be able to visualize a blank contact form, a filled-in form, and its successfully submitted version.

Why should you display a contact form on your website?

Contact forms are vital for businesses from all over the world. While they work for a multitude of reasons, here are the most significant ones to consider:

  • You become easy to reach - Visitors and customers can message you directly through the website, which makes it easy to establish a connection even when you can’t respond immediately.
  • You acquire new leads - Every time a website visitor gets in contact with your company, they are prompted to provide an email address. You can then employ strategies to nurture new leads and nudge them towards pre-defined outcomes.
  • You become the go-to voice - Making things easy for customers and visitors is vital towards ensuring good retention rates and building transparent relationships.
  • Understand your audience - Decide what information your contact form template should include so that you gain a better understanding of are the people contacting you, where do they come, what do they do, etc.
  • Automate workflows - As soon as a person submits a form, you can set up an email that will automatically delegate the task of addressing this submission to a customer service representative. This saves time and increases productivity in departments such as customer service, which can often be under a lot of pressure.
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