Our CRM sitemap template will help you plan the structure of your upcoming CRM software. Integrate our easy-to-use template into your work and build CRM systems that allow you to automate the tracking, communication, and reporting of existing or future costumers.

Discover our CRM sitemap template

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. The primary purpose of building a CRM system is to improve business relationships. These are tools with an extensive array of use, as they can be integrated into processes such as sales or customer service and have a direct impact on a company’s productivity and profitability.

We’re bringing you a CRM sitemap template you can use to map out the structure of your upcoming CRM system. You can add or remove components to ensure that the template you are building will reflect your business needs accurately.

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Why use our CRM sitemap template?

You will not only already have a basic structure to start from - and which can be adjusted - but you will also be able to use a varied set of stencils that are easy to access in our app. Combined with the real-time collaboration feature Moqups offers, you’ll spend less time mapping the structure of your next CRM software and more time focusing on vital technical details.

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Your diagrams and flowcharts don’t have to remain in a silo. You can quickly link them to other visual assets like wireframes, mockups, charts, and graphs – all within the same Moqups project!

Moqups lets your team create their own workflow – and go where the project takes them – by removing the blocks, barriers, and obstacles of single-purpose apps.