Use this template to craft the onboarding and offboarding processes for your employees. We combined the onboarding process flowchart template with the offboarding process flowchart, creating one unique template you can use to quickly draft basic processes that streamline companies’ processes of bringing new employees on board or to letting others go.

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Discover our onboarding and offboarding template

Companies that have established their onboarding and offboarding processes save precious time. The primary goal of these processes is to ensure a smooth sequence of actions that take up as little time as possible for the employee and the business.

Our onboarding and offboarding flowchart template outlines all the steps needed to onboard or offboard an employee. Companies can choose to split these steps per department so that everyone can stay on the same page and be aware of what falls into their range of responsibilities and what does not.

Human Resources, IT, or Acquisitions are usually the main players in these processes. Still, depending on your company policies, you can opt to integrate other departments you may consider relevant. Our template can be used as a guideline, but keep in mind that it can also be adjusted to fit your business requirements.

Why should you use this template?

The onboarding and offboarding process flowchart template saves time. You will no longer need to outline these processes from scratch, as we’ve already provided a basic structure you can start from and which can be adjusted according to your company’s policies.

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