Our database diagram template can be used to create and organize informational systems. Outline the structure of your system’s database with a diagramming tool you can easily incorporate into your projects. Share your database schema with other team members and explore all the additional features provided by Moqups that help you collaborate in real-time.

What is a database diagram?

A database diagram is a visual tool used to build and organize databases. It can showcase an entire database system or only some parts of it. Also known as the database schema, this tool organizes data and illustrates the relationships that develop between various objects within the system.

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Benefits of using database diagrams

Integrating online database diagrams into your workflow brings along a set of incredible benefits such as:

  • Efficient communication - understanding what are the entities of this diagram, along with their attributes and the relationships between objects, offers a comprehensive overview of how the database should look so that anyone involved can recognize and understand its structure immediately.
  • Easy understanding - since the elements of this diagram have a very straightforward outline, understanding its structure becomes effortless, making it easier for other team members to provide feedback or add suggestions for improvement.
  • Team collaboration - as Moqups offers online real-time collaboration for teams, both you and your team will be able to work on the template at the same time, regardless of location. Add team members to your project and start crafting the structure of your next informational system.

Using the database diagram template in Moqups

Moqups provides the necessary tools for editing and building your database diagram template. Explore our specific ERD model stencils located in our app. Find them in Stencils under the main flowchart diagrams category and combine them with other diagramming stencils to create comprehensive database systems.

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