Discover our customer journey map template, the one template you need to use when building customer journeys for websites or apps.

What is the customer journey map template?

The customer journey map template is a vital tool for crafting the path of your website visitors. Its primary purpose is to showcase the steps needed for these visitors to convert into loyal customers. However, this template can also be used to map user journeys for those who leave the website without converting.

The customer journey map template helps teams to visualize user journeys and provides a solid ground for further analysis on how to best improve customer experience in the future.

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Benefits of using the customer journey template

  • Understand customers’ emotions. Outlining each step in the customer journey helps teams understand how a user might feel about it. As a result, companies can improve or eliminate any practices that cause frustration or confusion for the user.
  • Identify gaps in the product or service. Deficits may be related to how the product is presented or how the communication with the user is done. The customer journey map template will highlight such issues.
  • Reduce costs and increase sales. Focusing on a customer’s needs will reduce additional costs in the future and increase sales.
  • Improve customer satisfaction. When a product or service is tailored to fit the needs of the customers, customer satisfaction skyrockets.

Customer Journey Mapping with Moqups

Building a customer journey map has never been easier. Integrate this template into your work to see how easy it can be to craft a new customer journey map. All you need to do is to follow the next steps:

  • Define your persona. You can add a photo and a brief description of this person. What are they trying to achieve?
  • Define each customer journey phase. These are all the steps a user should take through the conversion funnel. You can also add any highs or lows encountered along the way.
  • Link touchpoints. Touchpoints show that users are interacting with your product or service.
  • Add expectations, opportunities, or personal metrics. Envision all the expectations, opportunities, or individual metrics that this user might set up for themselves.
  • Share your customer journey map template. Add other team members to your project to exchange new and exciting ideas. Multiple contributors can add valuable suggestions and make it easier to formulate an action plan.
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