Use the 5 why’s analysis template to uncover the leading cause of your problem. This easy-to-use technique will make it easier for you to get to the root of the issue you are encountering while enabling you to come up with efficient solutions.

What is the 5 why’s analysis?

As the name itself suggests, the 5 why’s root cause analysis starts from a simple premise: you need to ask why a specific problem has occurred and, based on this answer, you need to ask the same thing four more times. By allowing yourself to repeat the same question five times, you will get to the bottom of this problem much faster.

What are the 5 why’s of a root cause analysis template?

To better understand how this thinking tool works, here is the example you will find integrated into our template:

Problem: Paid acquisition channels are under-performing.

  1. Why? Because most of the acquired traffic does not convert.
  2. Why? Because our campaigns are not targeting the right audience.
  3. Why? The audience we are targeting is too broad and includes people who are not potential customers.
  4. Why? Because we do not have enough historical data to establish a persona for our ideal customer.
  5. Why? We haven’t done enough campaigns on the platform due to budget restrictions.
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Why use the 5 why’s template?

One of the great benefits that this template brings to its users is an undisturbed and uninterrupted focus. It allows you to concentrate on getting to the root cause of the problem without having your attention shifted to other topics.

Once you’ve accurately stated the problem, you can take the next step and conduct a close examination of what it may be causing it. As soon as this phase is completed, you need to repeat the process, pulling off layer after layer, until you get to the core and expose the primary cause of your problem.

Benefits of using the 5 why’s analysis template with Moqups

The 5 why’s analysis template that Moqups offers has been built to help you conduct successful analyses. If you find yourself dealing with an issue that seems complicated and overwhelming, this template can quickly help you figure out the root of the problem. All you have to do is to state the issue clearly and solve as many ‘why’s’ as needed.

If you’re building this template alongside a team, but you are working from home, you can use the real-time collaboration feature. This way, both you and your team will stay connected to the project and continue working together towards finding a reliable solution.

You can also opt to integrate other online collaboration elements into your template - sticky notes, comments, annotations, or callouts are only a few of the alternatives that Moqups provides to its users.

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