Introducing Moqups BETA!

The best products are the ones which narrow down on specific problems and solve them elegantly. This was our guiding principle when we created Moqups!

Prototyping is supposed to be fast and painless. So we built a simple to use app that sits in the browser, loads instantaneously, has a distraction-free user interface and produces crisp wireframes that we can immediately share with our peers.

Moqups is built on open standards, striving to provide the best experience within the browser, without compromise.

What’s included in this beta release?

  • 60+ handcrafted, crisp-looking SVG stencils (and more down the pipeline)
  • Export to PDF and PNG
  • Auto-save
  • Smart guides
  • Customizable grid
  • Snap to objects/grid when manipulating objects
  • Locking & Grouping of objects
  • Undo/Redo/Cut/Copy/Paste
  • Desktop-like keyboard shortcuts
  • Powerful stencil searching with abundant tags
  • Image upload
  • Linking to other pages (itemized linking coming soon)
  • Sharing by email
  • Icon library covering the majority of use cases (courtesy of Webalys)
  • Markdown support for various stencils (experimental)

What’s next?

You tell us! While we’re really not short of ideas, we praise the feedback from our users more than anything. We want you to enjoy shaping the future of Moqups as much as we do.

Join the Moqups community to submit or vote your favorite idea or use the feedback widget inside the app to report any issue or even the slightest annoyance that you may encounter while we’re still in beta.

Stay tuned – Expect a lot of exciting things coming in the next releases!

— Team Moqups

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